Teach Your Children Well- a response to the El Paso shootings

I have been thinking about the 20 year old shooter in El Paso, and wondering how he became radicalized. After much thought, I have decided it really isn't that hard. If that mentality was what he was exposed to and surrounded by in exclusion to other ideologies, he wouldn't know much better. Think of the … Continue reading Teach Your Children Well- a response to the El Paso shootings

Battle of the Warrior

So grateful my daughter has you there for her. Compassion, understanding, wisdom, and love. You are more than a friend.


I have spent a lot of time working on my spiritual life. I started to pick up on my physical self. I work on my mental health. Mind body spirit has been an important part of my existence. But, I am faced with other’s struggles and with those three things I am at a loss on how to help.

There’s been a lot going on to people around me. Their pain is palpable. My help seems futile. I struggle with doing enough for them, moving ahead with my own life and trying not to implode from my lack. I know that their pain and suffering is not mine but when I reflect during this time it hurts me too. I in no way understand what it is like to have cancer nor have the treatments or be vulnerable to the health system.

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